Kastle Kelley with a camera

We are excited to have Kastle Kelly as the official photographer for 2017 SandFest.

Kestle on Logo Mountain

You can find Kastle climbing SandFest mountains to get the “perfect shot.” (Photo by Alex Berksan)

Kastle was born in Vancouver, BC, Canada.  She spent the majority of her life in the beautiful Kelowna, B.C.

Kastle moved to Port Aransas in 2011. She and her husband have 2 “crazy” boys, ages 5 and 3.

When Kastle picked up her first camera 3 years ago, she was hooked.

“I decided I needed a professional camera after realizing I had over 5000 photos on my phone.”

Kastle lives for photography, fitness, snowboarding and “soaking up anything that can be done outside.” You can find her climbing SandFest mountains to get the “perfect shot.”

SandFest 2017 will be Kastle Kelley’s 6th SandFest experience.

“I am honored to share with the world what I see they my lens.”

Kastle’s photos of SandFest can be purchased at Kastle Photography.