Albert Lucio, Jr.

Austin, Texas
Advanced Amateur & Amateur Cordinator

About Albert

Albert Lucio, Jr. is a native son of Texas who carved his first 5 gallon bucket of sand in 2005. This occurred approximately one week before his first ever sand competition, a grueling 25 hour straight-through-the-night event. Once the competition was over, he went home, applied ample amounts of aloe vera to his severe sunburn, took a long nap and welcomed a new adventure into his life. Albert has been sculpting ever since and has won several awards competing in open, solo and duo competitions from amateur to advanced categories in Texas and across the U.S. Albert believes that competitive sculpting has a zen like quality that just happens to mix in a lot of blood, sweat and tears.

When Albert is not sculpting, he’s doing stuff like working at his job, mowing his lawn and showing his dog, Charlie, card tricks.

Website: The Gritty Art of Albert Lucio, Jr


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