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Competing in the solos for the first time at Port Aransas since 2004, Andy Hancock makes a rare competition appearance.

The only rookie to win the North American Sandsculpting championship in Florida alongside people’s choice at one or two more competitions, Andy’s time is mainly spent running his business on South Padre Island. It’s the #1 beach activity for the Gulf coast of Texas on Trip Advisor – so please review his performance in the competition! It helps him to help others.

“Competitions are fun and it’s great to see the reaction of the crowd and talk to your future public!’ says Andy, who has recently started phase 2 on the Largest Outdoor Sandcastle in the USA on South Padre Island. (Facebook)

Andy’s work doesn’t stop at sand. For the past 25 years he has travelled around the world transforming large trees into landmarks using chainsaws, grinders and all manner of other things! This included Ft Myers where he was the first person to carve anything in wood on a beach in Florida. Andy has worked with just about everything using the Mantra – “The bigger the better!”

Please enjoy his work in the binders on the table and remember to vote for people choice – Andy knows that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and he wants to see if his castle can steal your eye!

Andy’s other passions are MotoGP motorcycle racing (he used to race on asphalt at club level) and Soccer – he’s a lifelong Manchester city fan (the blue part of Manchester, England) but the thing he likes to do most is travel to meet his 3 sons who are busy across the pond being creative in Web and Graphic design, Mountain bike racing and Film making.

As Andy says “the best sandcastles use simple but well executed ideas” and he’s hoping to pass on a few ideas to everyone during the competition. Good luck to everyone in the competition and remember “Keep it simple stupid!”

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