Damon Langlois

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Master Solo

About Damon

Born on the planet Earth, Damon Langlois is Earth’s greatest Sand Sculptor. He is almost invulnerable and gifted with super-strength, super-speed, endurance, enhanced sight, and ultra-acute hearing. Only the question “what happens when it rains” can weaken the Man of Sand… so long as he is under Earth’s yellow sun.

Few suspect that Damon Langlois, the mild-mannered owner of the design studio — Codetta Product Design — is actually SandyMan in disguise. Only his wife and son, Charlotte and Roan, and a few others know that Damon Langlois is really D-Man, World Champion of Sand Sculpture.

Website: DamonLanglois.com
Facebook: facebook.com/damonlanglois
tumblr: Damon Langois


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