Joris Kivits

Master Solo

About Joris

Before I came in contact with carving sand in 2006, I had worked as a freelancer in several activities: Graphic design, Art direction (and other positions in an art-department) for movies and television, Photography, making illustrations, wall-paintings and designing and technical supporting of presentations (in Power Point and Keynote) at congresses.

Nowadays makings sculptures has become my main job. In 2006 I participated at my first project — in Lommel (Belgium). The following year I got the chance to do more projects and met more sand-carvers. Through those artists, I had the opportunity to take part in a competition in Berlin, Germany, in 2008.

I am still amazed by the relatively small amount of time needed to make a sand sculptures — and the transience and beauty of the material. I will continue to create what is in my mind and thoughts in sand. For me, making sand sculptures is like a theatre-act; you can enjoy it as long as it is there — and then the memory and pictures are the only things that remain.

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