The Amazin’ Walter McDonald

South Padre Island, Texas
Master Duo Team with Christy McDonald Atkinson

About Walter

Walter McDonald, aka, Amazin’ Walter, the “Old SOB* (Son of the Beach) Himself,” has been dazzling beach visitors for 30+ years at South Padre Island with his soaring towers and impossible arches in his castles made of sand.

The Texas artist that says he’s “stuck in the sand” also carves bone, antler, wood, stone, fabricates metal, and is a serious photographer, musician, and fisherman. He likes to have fun!

The Amazin’ One is also the Grand Poohbah of  “The Sons Of The Beach,” a not profitable disorganization dedicated to Havin’ Fun, Helping Others Have Fun, and Unlittering. Take the pledge: I Promise to Have Fun! Help Others Have Fun! And UNLITTER! (to properly dispose of more garbage than you generate…).


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