Proceeds of Fundraiser Will Go to Charitable Donations & Scholarships

Get Dirty Play in the Sand / Steve Grams has started a GoFundMe account for Port Aransas, with proceeds going to Texas SandFest. Texas SandFest will make sure that every dollar donated will be given to the community through charitable donations and scholarships. Thank you Get Dirty Play in the Sand.

No one person has to do everything, but every one person can do something.

Our beloved Port Aransas, Texas has been pulverized by Harvey, a category 4 hurricane. It is our intention to help rebuild the town. We intend to raise as much money as we can and give it to the organization, TexasSandFest.

We are Get Dirty Play in the Sand. We have been a supporter of TexasSandFest since 2002. We have been a vendor at the event since 2006 and have been a sponsor for 4 years. At the event, we typically sell our shirts and a few other things to pay for our family reunion at the beach. We also give quite a bit of our profit back to TexasSandFest.

Texas SandFest is more than just an event. The organization raises money, through their event every spring, and provides funds for the town through scholarships and charitable donations. Get Dirty Play in the Sand has worked with and been part of the event for over a decade and we have every confidence that this is the best organization to support to help rebuild the town.

We ask that you help support the town, the cause and Port Aransas. Please give what you can. Even though there will be help from insurance, FEMA and other charitable organizations, this is something WE can do.

Get Dirty Play in the Sand

Steve Grams