Abe Waterman

Master Duo Team with Morgan Rudluff

About Abe

Abe Waterman resides in Prince Edward Island, Canada — a place where, in April, most people can only dream of being on a beautiful beach in Texas (and therefore find further fuel to resent Mr. Waterman). He’s been sand sculpting now for aboot 10 years, 2016 marking his 5th Sandfest, which he looks forward to more each year, on account of his being nearly literally pampered each time he’s comes to Port A (everything but the diapers, really, and even that will likely change in a few years for Abe). He will be teaming up with the ever delightful Morgan Rudluff again this year in the doubles division, and they really plan to BRING IT this year, just as soon as they figure out what that “it” is, anyway, maybe.

Website: abewaterman.com


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