Carl Jara

Cleveland, Ohio
Master Solo

About Carl

Hi, I’m Carl Jara.

I’m actually a pretty simple guy. I like woodworking, gardening, food, a good book and beer.

I have earned two of the most envied jobs in the world: exhibits creator for the Cleveland Museum of Natural History and professional sand sculptor. I’ve been given the opportunity over the last 23 years to travel the world, win six dozen or so medals, make friends — and work with and compete against almost every sand sculptor in the business, many of whom have become my friends and family.

I create sand sculpture because I worship it; it is my spiritual experience. If I’m not talking to you, it’s because I’m in the middle of either rapture or despair.

This moment is my life.

Thanks for understanding.

Website: Carl Jara on
FlickrSand Sculptures by Carl Jara


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