Morgan Rudluff

Santa Cruz, California
Master Duo Team with Abe Waterman

About Morgan

Morgan Rudluff is a born an’ raised California girl. She likes beaches, flowers, avocados, fruit, and bare feet. In 2007, after dropping out of college, Morgan stumbled into sand sculpting (or it could also easily be said that sand sculpting stumbled into her). It was an immediate love affair, and though not always career-monogamous, sand sculpting was to have her heart until this current day. Like many sand sculptors, this profession has taken her around the world, in front of television cameras, and deep into the caverns of dream-like circumstance. She considers herself to be quite fortunate and rich in many ways that are hard to quantify. There have been medals won and there have been articles of success written; however, there have also been many long days, many callouses, and many sunburns to float it all along.

Artistically, Morgan pursues (when she has the time) snow and ice sculpting, clothing and costume design/construction, creative writing, kitchen witchery, scrap paper doodling, street theater, global backpacking, martini-infused philosophizing, and rocking out on her ukulele.

She is currently working on an international-relations project wherein she is responsible for socializing a rural, male, Canadian in his mid thirties. Though she has been markedly successful in several key areas, she has been unable to make any headway on his manners — or body odor — for that matter.


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