Remy Hoggard


About Remy

Remy Hoggard is a leading figure in the sand sculpture world. A sand artist since 1999, she has sculpted all over the world. Texas is one of her favorite places, and she has many friends here.

Hoggard specializes in female human figures. An engineer by profession, she is well known for her use of forced perspective and depth in her sculptures. The human faces she creates out of sand seem to be alive.

She is also known for her owl inspired sculptures, and often sculpts wise and shamanic owl ladies. Her family name (from mother’s side) is Owl, due to the owl shaped noses that run in the family. She seems to find owls all over the world during her travels. She and her English sandman, Paul, live on a rustic farm in Bulgaria with owls under their roof.

Hoggard is passionate about Yoga and natural health remedies.

“You have to be fit and healthy to be a professional sand sculptor,” Hoggard said.

Remy and Paul Hoggard’s company, Sandartist Ltd., produces, organizes and creates sand sculptures all over the world. Each of their sculptures is made with heart and soul, and they consider themselves lucky to have such a dream job.

Website: Sand Artist