Todd Pangborn

Jamestown, NY
Master Solo

About Todd

Todd’s passion for sand sculpting began in 1997 while on a family vacation to Virginia Beach. His wife and two daughters were mesmerized as he made his first sand sculpture. Since that day he has worked tirelessly to learn everything possible to improve his art. To the uninformed it would appear he was a slow learner, as it took 14 years before entering his first amateur competition in 2011. In reality, he was just making sure he was at the top of his game before venturing into the competitive sand sculpting world. After a few quick amateur wins and three consecutive advanced amateur 1st place finishes, he competed in his first Masters competition in 2014. Now his wife and daughters aren’t as easy to impress. They’ve seen it before!

In his real life, Todd is married to his best friend. He and his wife couldn’t be more proud of the beautiful young women their daughters have grown into. Todd works as a mechanical engineer, designing machines — and sculpts sand as a release from the daily grind. Living in Jamestown, NY (southwest of Buffalo), you would think he would be more into snow or ice sculpting rather than sand. He prefers sand because he says, “Flip flops just don’t keep his feet warm in the snow.” He has no art schooling and is self-taught from whatever he could find online, and by watching some of the other master sculptors. Maybe that’s why it took him more than 14 years!

Facebook: Todd Pangborn Master Sand Sculptor
Flickr: Tod Pangborn (pangdad_62)
Instagram: Tod Pangborn (@tpangborn)



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