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RV Parking & Camping

RV Parking. Camping Regulations. Beach Parking Permits.

SandFest RV Parking

RV parking spots for vendors and visitors will be available on a “1st come 1st served” basis. The lot is near the north entrance to SandFest. The parking lot will open midday Thursday. No reservations are available.

  • NO SIDEWAYS PARKING. Nose or tail in parking only.

  • There are no utility hookups on the beach.

  • Please be aware of beach conditions — such as high tides, loose sand, wet sand and blowing sand.


SandFest is not responsible for RVs or vehicles stuck in the sand. SandFest is not responsible for any damages or loss.

City of Port Aransas Camping Regulations

  • The City of Port Aransas requires a $12.00 permit to park along the beaches. This includes the area from Marker (0) to Marker (62).

  • Free Parking areas include between the Jetties and Horace Caldwell Pier and between Markers 52-58.

  • RV Camping, tent camping and other non-self contained camping is permitted anywhere on the beach.

  • Camping is prohibited within twenty-five (25) feet of either edge of the obvious driving lane and in any location that would impeded traffic or create an unsafe condition. Camping is also prohibited within two hundred (200) feet of any beach access road and within fifty (50) feet of the water’s edge.

  • Tent camping is prohibited landward of the bollards and south of the last city approved lavatory facility.

  • There is a three (3) night limit for camping during any three (3) week period.

  • Small fires no larger than 3 ft. x 3 ft. are permitted on the beach.

Visit the City of Port Aransas website for more information.

Beach Parking Permits

Permits can be purchased at:

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