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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase tickets for the event?
Tickets are sold online through our website and are available for purchase at the front entrance of the event.

Are dogs allowed?
Yes! Well-behaved dogs on leashes are allowed. Please note that The City of Port Aransas requires that dogs must be on a leash at all times (City Code, Chapter 4, Sec. 4-26). You must pick up after your dog (City Code, Chapter 4, Sec. 4-9). There will be bags available. Texas SandFest reserves the right to remove any dog from the festival grounds.

Are wheelchairs permitted?
Yes! Disability Motorized Scooters and Wheelchairs are permitted, as well as Strollers and Kiddie Pull Wagons. We also have sand wheelchairs available on a first come, first serve basis. 

Can we park our RV at Texas SandFest?

Yes! RV parking spots for vendors and visitors will be available on a “1st come 1st served” basis. The lot is near the north entrance to SandFest. The parking lot will open midday Thursday, April 18. No reservations are available.

  • NO SIDEWAYS PARKING. Nose or tail in parking only.

  • There are no utility hookups on the beach.

  • Please be aware of beach conditions — such as high tides, loose sand, wet sand and blowing sand.


SandFest is not responsible for RVs or vehicles stuck in the sand. SandFest is not responsible for any damages or loss.

Can I bring a cooler or ice chest?

No. Outside ice chests and coolers are not permitted. Outside alcohol is also not permitted, but will be available for purchase within the event grounds. You may bring in water, which is also available for purchase.

Can I bring folding chairs and a tent?
You are permitted to bring in folding chairs as long as you do not block foot traffic, however pop-up tents and shelters are not allowed.

Can I bring a drone?
No, drones or other remote flying devices are not permitted on festival grounds.

Will traffic be one way on the beach?
Yes and it generally becomes one way each morning.

Will I need a parking permit, If I park in the SanFest parking lot?
Yes. You will need a parking permit anywhere you park on the beach.

Are there places to sit and rest in the shade? 
Yes, at the main beer tent and the music tent. In addition, there are various locations around the event.

How can I contact Texas SandFest directly for questions?
You can email us directly at or fill out our contact form online.

How can I contact Texas SandFest vendor coordinator?
You can email us directly at or fill out our contact form online.

How can I contact Texas SandFest volunteer coordinator?
You can email us directly at or fill out our contact form online.

How can I contact Texas SandFest sponsor coordinator? 
You can email us directly at or fill out our contact form online.

Are tickets/wristbands refundable?
There are no refunds or discounts.

Can we drive our personal golf carts at the event?
No. Only Texas SandFest official golf carts are permitted inside the event.

Are the sand sculptors available to view on Monday?
Generally Yes. However, Monday is a very busy breakdown day with crews removing fencing and equipment.

Is there a lot of walking involved?
There is a lot of walking involved. The length of the event is over 1/2 mile long.

Can I bring food and/or drinks into the event?
Yes. You are welcome to bring food/drinks, with the exception of alcoholic beverages. Coolers are not permitted.

Can I leave the event and come back?
Yes. You must keep your wristband on for reentry. The wristbands will provide you with a 3 day entry.

Will there be a golf cart shuttle?
Yes. There are golf cart shuttles for all SandFest parking lots; however, there are NO shuttles inside the event. The parking lots are located the following areas: North, South and Gracies Way.

Are there air conditioned areas?

Will the event be cancelled if it rains?

How do I become a volunteer?
You must must sign up online: If you are not signed up you cannot volunteer.

Is WiFi Available?

I lost something, is there a lost and found?
Lost and found is located at the front entrance at our lost and found tent.

Are there kid activities?
Yes, most of which occur at the south entrance of the event.

Where is Texas SandFest Located:
On the beach between mile markers 9.5 and 13.5. North gate entrance is at mile marker 9.5 and South gate entrance is located at mile marker 13.5.

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